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A Storey to Remember

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The sweet sound of birds chirping amongst one another as the bright sunshine peers from behind one of the few fluffy clouds in the sky. The morning dewdrops still cling to the emerald grass, shimmering like fairy lights. This is the dream all soon-to-be newlyweds have of their special day. Unfortunately, the springtime sky was bent on threatening Jullee and Darion on May 13, 2017. The sky was an ashen grey which darkened the setting of the wedding held at Fern Hill Golf Club, and it absolutely refused to cease its very poorly planned rain bursts. Fear not though, my readers, there was a light shining through the bleak weather!

The employees of Fern Hill Golf Club were wonderfully efficient and did everything they could to make certain the day would be saved. When the storms seemed like they would never stop, they began setting up a beautiful space inside the venue for the couple to marry in. The bride was in a panic, and who can blame her? She thought her dream wedding would be ruined by things far beyond her control. Then a wedding day miracle happened.

Just as the employees were preparing to move everyone inside, the sun began to shine and drove off every stubborn cloud in the sky. The air warmed and everything around them took on the gorgeous scent and look of the earth just after rain. Colors were more vibrant and flowers more sweet*, but none of this compared to the bride herself.

Jullee appeared in a beautiful form fitting gown with a flared bottom. Her veil was simple, yet elegant, and she looked like a gorgeous porcelain doll. This bride was what other brides aspire to be. Her bouquet was arranged perfectly, and the outer flowers made it appear as though fairy lights were falling from it. Perhaps the reason the rain stopped just before the wedding began was because Jullee was just so beautiful that the sky felt guilty about giving her anything but sunshine.

The reception was energetic and joyous, and the Storeys’ friends could not wait to speak about them. The fact that the best man could hardly get two words out without needing to take an emotional break is a strong testament to Jullee and Darion as a couple. The love they share is so strong and so unwavering that it touches everyone around them. There is no doubt that they will be sharing many decades of happiness together.