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A Wedding Through Time and Space

If you know Stephanie Lollis you know she is completely obsessed with Doctor Who, so naturally, her guests expected to see it appear somewhere in her wedding. The guests walked into a large old barn that had been decked out in antique decor, fairy lights, and cute little chairs, fit for a dollhouse. Her bridesmaids delicately stepped down from a wooden staircase in sky blue gowns of varying styles, smiling brightly as they lined up at the alter. It was immediately apparent that they were all thinking, “She really deserves this. She deserves to be happy.” The men processed down to the alter in cowboy hats, with button up shirts and jeans, in true country fashion. Her brother walked her best friend down the aisle and they had never looked so happy in their lives. It is always wonderful to see a bride’s friends and family looking so thrilled for her.

Guests were subject to a bittersweet moment as Stephanie’s uncle helped roll her grandpa’s wheelchair down the aisle. He had been battling an aggressive form of cancer for a long time, but he had been absolutely set on seeing his little girl get married. He kept his promise to himself and to her. Stephanie’s grandpa never stopped smiling as he was assisted to his part of the alter.

Suddenly, the booming sound of the Doctor Who Theme could be heard throughout the barn, and Stephanie appeared at the top of the stairs. As soon as her close friends started laughing, the bride did as well. She walked down the aisle and seemed eager to take the hand of her very soon-to-be husband.

Stephanie and Ryan exchanged vows and rings, and excitedly left the area so that the wedding party could very quickly convert the space into a reception hall. Guests ate an array of delicious home cooked food. Most of which had been made by Stephanie’s grandma. Stephanie and Ryan danced their first dance as husband and wife, and Ryan’s uncle gave a little speech about how Stephanie had made his nephew into a better man.

We wish Stephanie and Ryan all the happiness in the world, and we hope that they celebrate many years of joy and love as a married couple.


In Loving Memory of Steven Lollis.