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Rustic Romance at Cobblestone Farms

If you are ever in Traverse City, Michigan, and looking for a beautiful, rustic wedding venue, Bill Sweet’s Cobblestone Farm is definitely worth looking into. The Knot has gifted Mr. Sweet with multiple awards for his stunning attention to detail. This is why Kevin and Abbee decided to use his location to say their vows.

The interior of the barn was decorated to look like an Old West town. Not a saloon, not a chapel, an    entire town! He had a saloon style bar, a candy room, an Old Time photo booth, and a waiting room with snacks to hold guests over until the reception. This venue also has a spectacular bonfire pit, which, unfortunately, could not be used very long for this ceremony, since it began to rain early on. There is something about outdoor weddings and receptions that just makes the clouds want to open up and pour.

The rain did not keep the festivities at bay though, and the couple was able to host their wedding outdoors, as planned. Mr. Sweet had plenty of comfortable accommodations that were very waterproof., and the photographers, Marlaina and her assistant Isaac, were not scared off their duties by a few rogue clouds. The bride and groom exchanged vows surrounded by gorgeous trees and wood fencing. The reception also took place outdoors in a romantic tent with a cement floor, perfect for dancing on.

The wedding dinner was just as wonderful as everything else. The guests enjoyed pulled pork from a huge pig roast just outside the reception tent, homestyle baked beans, and refreshing pasta salad. For a small personal touch, Abbee decided to make her wedding cake Harry Potter themed.

Something the guests of the wedding enjoyed was how casual the day was. Nobody was expected to sit in any assigned spots, so friends could sit with friends, and Kevin surprised his mother with a mother/son dance after tricking her into believing he did not want to. Another sweet touch that many found memorable was the memorial table that was set up for any members of the family who could no longer attend the wedding.

It was an amazing day for two amazing people, and it seemed to be everything they ever could have wanted. There is no doubt that they will spend many happy decades together. Congratulations Kevin and Abbee.

A Wedding Through Time and Space

If you know Stephanie Lollis you know she is completely obsessed with Doctor Who, so naturally, her guests expected to see it appear somewhere in her wedding. The guests walked into a large old barn that had been decked out in antique decor, fairy lights, and cute little chairs, fit for a dollhouse. Her bridesmaids delicately stepped down from a wooden staircase in sky blue gowns of varying styles, smiling brightly as they lined up at the alter. It was immediately apparent that they were all thinking, “She really deserves this. She deserves to be happy.” The men processed down to the alter in cowboy hats, with button up shirts and jeans, in true country fashion. Her brother walked her best friend down the aisle and they had never looked so happy in their lives. It is always wonderful to see a bride’s friends and family looking so thrilled for her.

Guests were subject to a bittersweet moment as Stephanie’s uncle helped roll her grandpa’s wheelchair down the aisle. He had been battling an aggressive form of cancer for a long time, but he had been absolutely set on seeing his little girl get married. He kept his promise to himself and to her. Stephanie’s grandpa never stopped smiling as he was assisted to his part of the alter.

Suddenly, the booming sound of the Doctor Who Theme could be heard throughout the barn, and Stephanie appeared at the top of the stairs. As soon as her close friends started laughing, the bride did as well. She walked down the aisle and seemed eager to take the hand of her very soon-to-be husband.

Stephanie and Ryan exchanged vows and rings, and excitedly left the area so that the wedding party could very quickly convert the space into a reception hall. Guests ate an array of delicious home cooked food. Most of which had been made by Stephanie’s grandma. Stephanie and Ryan danced their first dance as husband and wife, and Ryan’s uncle gave a little speech about how Stephanie had made his nephew into a better man.

We wish Stephanie and Ryan all the happiness in the world, and we hope that they celebrate many years of joy and love as a married couple.


In Loving Memory of Steven Lollis.



A Storey to Remember

The sweet sound of birds chirping amongst one another as the bright sunshine peers from behind one of the few fluffy clouds in the sky. The morning dewdrops still cling to the emerald grass, shimmering like fairy lights. This is the dream all soon-to-be newlyweds have of their special day. Unfortunately, the springtime sky was bent on threatening Jullee and Darion on May 13, 2017. The sky was an ashen grey which darkened the setting of the wedding held at Fern Hill Golf Club, and it absolutely refused to cease its very poorly planned rain bursts. Fear not though, my readers, there was a light shining through the bleak weather!

The employees of Fern Hill Golf Club were wonderfully efficient and did everything they could to make certain the day would be saved. When the storms seemed like they would never stop, they began setting up a beautiful space inside the venue for the couple to marry in. The bride was in a panic, and who can blame her? She thought her dream wedding would be ruined by things far beyond her control. Then a wedding day miracle happened.

Just as the employees were preparing to move everyone inside, the sun began to shine and drove off every stubborn cloud in the sky. The air warmed and everything around them took on the gorgeous scent and look of the earth just after rain. Colors were more vibrant and flowers more sweet*, but none of this compared to the bride herself.

Jullee appeared in a beautiful form fitting gown with a flared bottom. Her veil was simple, yet elegant, and she looked like a gorgeous porcelain doll. This bride was what other brides aspire to be. Her bouquet was arranged perfectly, and the outer flowers made it appear as though fairy lights were falling from it. Perhaps the reason the rain stopped just before the wedding began was because Jullee was just so beautiful that the sky felt guilty about giving her anything but sunshine.

The reception was energetic and joyous, and the Storeys’ friends could not wait to speak about them. The fact that the best man could hardly get two words out without needing to take an emotional break is a strong testament to Jullee and Darion as a couple. The love they share is so strong and so unwavering that it touches everyone around them. There is no doubt that they will be sharing many decades of happiness together.