You worked hard to earn your degree, so give yourself a little gift and book a Senior Photoshoot with me. I will make each photo a direct extension of your great personality, so that when your friends see the pictures all they’ll be able to say is, “That is so you!” ┬áIn order to ensure that what I shoot matches your vision perfectly, there is an easy step by step process that needs to be followed.

Step One: Make an appointment with me online or on the phone in order to reserve your date. Easy!

Step Two: Schedule a consultation with me so that I can get a better idea of what style you want. What a breeze!

Step Three: We will schedule a face to face consultation where we discuss what you expect from me. Fantastic!

Step Four: I will give you a contract to sign

Step Five: I will make your photoshoot an amazing experience! Expect to receive a link to your online proofs about 2-3 weeks later.

I look forward to making your photoshoot an amazing experience you will never forget!