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The Perfect Proposal

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This story begins with a man named Tyler, who was every bit as ambitious as the great Henry Ford. Tyler began his creative journey toward proposing to his long time girlfriend Rachel by seeking out Marlaina of Marlaina Cherluck Photography and insisting that they keep everything he said between the two of them. After all, when a man is doing his best to create something perfect in secret, he cannot risk word getting out before it comes to fruition.

Tyler came up with the ingenious idea to propose at the Henry Ford House, the very same place that Rachel’s parents had gotten married in. Tyler visited the residence eleven days prior to the proposal, to be sure that everything would perfectly match his expectations. Unfortunately, a portion of the house was going through renovations, so Tyler decided to keep Rachel to the exterior of the house and the part of the house that was not being worked on.

On the day of the proposal, Tyler took his beautiful soon-to-be finance to Clara’s Garden to show her the blooming flowers and incredible fountain, or so she thought.

Just as Rachel’ guard was down, Tyler stopped her in the perfect position for the photos he had planned to have taken and proposed. Rachel was shocked and elated to see that her dreams were coming true before her very eyes.



After Rachel said yes to the perfect proposal, her family and friends burst out of their hiding places to congratulate the beaming couple. They marveled at the hand made ring box that Tyler had commissioned, and at every detail he had put into the proposal. It seems that if he put this much effort into proposing, this couple will most definitely have a fantastic wedding in the future.

We wish this lovely couple all the happiness in the world.