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The Rainbow Baby

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For many men and women becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts life can possibly offer. Unfortunately, a large number of the population who want nothing more than a child struggle to become pregnant, and Lauren and Ben Villaluz were sadly no exception. This couple endured some of the most painful and disheartening struggles a couple could in an effort to bring a little bundle of love into the world, and for awhile it seemed hopeless. However, they knew that if you truly want something with all of your heart you should never give in.

Lauren and BJ are currently expecting their first child and all is going according to plan. The baby is growing happily and healthfully, and is expected to greet the world at the end of the month. Due to the misfortunes of their past tries and the miraculous success of this one, they have been nicknaming the little Villaluz their “Rainbow Baby.”

It seems to be a perfectly fitting nickname for a baby who seemed to appear like a miracle. We hope that on the big day the Rainbow Baby arrives with absolutely no problems, and that it will enjoy a lifetime of love and happiness with its new parents. Hopefully, their story will inspire anyone who has fallen on hard times, whether emotionally, financially, or physically, while trying to get pregnant to keep on trying.


Big News!!! Baby Jude August Villaluz arrived October 24, 2018 at 6 lb 1 oz. A beautiful, healthy baby!!!!