Marlaina Cherluck

Making photography dreams come true.

Thank you for visiting my page! In 2011, my photography career started at Macomb Community College. Macomb offered great courses such as Studio photography, Film photography, Photoshop and Photojournalism which gave me a great deal of knowledge to start up my photography career. In 2012, Prestige Portraits hired me as a Portrait Photographer where I worked at all 6 studios photographing Seniors in High School. Professional Photographers taught me one on one about studio lighting and communication with the kids I would be photographing. After working at Prestige, I decided to move my career to Edge Portraits in Madison Heights. Edge Portraits offered Family Portraits, Senior Photos, Newborn Photography, and anything in between which allowed me to gain even more knowledge in working with all different ages. While working at Edge Portraits, I decided I wanted to branch out even more and try out Wedding Photography. I applied to President Tuxedo for a freelance position for Birch Photographers which later became David Tutera Photo and Video. After working with them for a couple years, I decided it would be best for me to just be a Freelance Portrait Photographer without working for a company.

When you decide to use my photography services, we will schedule a free consultation to decide on a date, location and pricing of your photoshoot. I offer Wedding Services, Senior Portraits, Family Photos and Children Photography on location. After we decide on the details, the next time we meet will be for the photoshoot but you will have access to me via text or email in case there are any questions you need to ask me. After the photoshoot, I will give you a timeline of how long it will take me to edit your photos. You will then have access to an online portal with all of your photos ready for download. If you are interested in my services, please click on the contact page!!