How Much Alcohol Do I Buy for a DIY Wedding

How much alcohol do I buy for a DIY Wedding? This is such an important question that gets overlooked often. Above all, have more than enough than not enough. It is better to have extra to give away or take home rather than find someone on your wedding to drive out and buy more.

To get you started, you must know how many guests will be at your wedding. The next step is to know where to get it that is most affordable. For more info on how to find affordable alcohol, read my blog How to Pay for a Wedding & Get out of DebtOnce you have figured this out, how much alcohol should you buy? Keep in mind, it all depends on how much alcohol your guests regularly consume. For 100 guests, this is a normal amount of consumption at a wedding:

  • Beer- 200 bottles or cans
  • Wine- 48 bottles
  • Champagne- 24 bottles
  • Liquor- 12 bottles

When it comes to liquor, get the cheap stuff. Normally, guests are not doing straight shots at your wedding and prefer mixers so they shouldn’t taste the difference!