How To Have Your Favorite Priest Marry You at a Different Parish

As a fellow catholic, I deeply understand wanting to have your hometown priest officiate your wedding but thinking you don’t necessarily want to be married at your hometown church. Whether you don’t like the look of the church, or maybe it is too dark or maybe even too hot or cold, there is usually another option! So, let’s answer how to have your favorite priest marry you at a different parish?

Picture yourself at a beautiful church such as the Basilica of Ste Anne de Detroit. As guests walk up, they see the cathedral style towers and then enter through the old wooden doors. As they walk in to this 1800s architectural beauty, they are greeted by immaculate pillars, vibrant colors, beautiful archways and the most elegant hand crafted alter. Now, more importantly, imagine yourself as a bride, walking up the isle, seeing your groom for the first time. As you are walking up the isle, you look around to see vintage elegance and beauty. Just behind your groom is your hometown priest whom you’ve known since you were little. He is grinning ear to ear behind your groom. He is able to perform a personalized mass and homily just for you since he has known you for many years.

I personally did this for my wedding but the situation was flipped. I wanted to get married at my hometown parish but the deacon was unavailable. Immediately, we knew we wanted our good friend whom is a capuchin to conduct our ceremony. We let the church know and they sent over the proper paperwork for us to fill out. Along with the paperwork they send, you will need your baptism certificate along with your confirmation certificate to prove you are in fact catholic. These could have been performed at different parishes, as long as you have the certificates (they must be originals).

As always, don’t stress and have fun! This is your wedding day that only happens once and no matter what, God has chosen you two to be together in Holy Matrimony and he is smiling for you.